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"An impressive album from singer/songwriter/guitarist Geza Keller, showcasing his songs that lean heavily on his life's nostalgic journey through love and loss. His powerful and distinctive voice is on par with many of the '70s and '80s pop rockers of the day."

-- Wayne Riker, San Diego Troubadour, winner of 2017 Lifetime Achievement Award from San Diego Music Academy

"Great dance music with a full sound and rock-jazz fusion with a touch of big band horns, clicking to syncopated rhythms. Geza Keller's new CD, Got Nothing To Lose, is a great blend of beats, rock, and soul."

-- Randy Hanson, co-founder of MohaviSoul bluegrass band, San Diego

"This long-awaited collection of tunes is strung together like lights rolling on a highway. Many miles in the making, the stories sizzle with new life, rock-steady and road-ready."

-- Richard Malcolm, Los Unusual Suspects, Albuquerque, N.M.

"Flashes adroit musicianship and features a couple of surprises. Listen for Kinks fan Keller’s homage to that playfully subversive group, for example, on the riff-happy “Working Out the Kinks.”

-- David Coddon, San Diego Union-Tribune

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PLAYLIST: Click on the cover above to purchase the full album. Click on the song title below to find the lyrics and the story behind each song. Click here to download individual tunes. Go to the "Let Me In" page to listen to the first single release.

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