This song, a tribute to Geza's college roommate, Victor J. Saracini, the pilot who was forced to fly United Flight 175 into the Second Tower of the World Trade Center on 9/11, started out with the title "That Day." He wrote the song in the days after the tragic events in which killed nearly 3,000 people, including his friend. Read the full story of its evolution here

From Geza's CD release party at Aztec Brewery


What can you say?

It took two hours for the world to change

You won’t be there tonight

To try and make it all seem right

How did you feel 

At the end of that day?

When the life that you knew

Got lost on the way?


Show me a sign

I’m about to lose my mind!

Maybe it’s time

I learned how to share the wine

With someone like you, everyday

We make the rules

Let’s find a new way

And I don’t think I’ll ever see

This life, the way it used to be

While all the things around me change

I know that I still feel the same

And I won’t let your memory

Fade into the history

Of all the things that you and I believed

You’ve got nothing to lose

But to live everyday

In the new life you choose

You’ll still remember that day

We’ve got something to prove, everyday

We make the rules

Can’t we find a new way

Feeling alive, thinking back to ‘75

How did we know

Where all the time would go?

We’ve got nothing to lose, everyday

It’s the life that we choose

Why do we delay?

We’ve got something to prove, everyday

Just change all the rules

And find a new way

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Vocals: Geza Keller
Guitars, bass: Jerry McCann, Geza 
Drum programming: Sven-Erik Seaholm
Saxophone: Clarence Bacharach
Horn arrangements: Sven

Painting: Reta Rickmers