By Geza Keller 
and Jerry McCann

Geza wrote this song in 1987, while he was living in New York City.

He was inspired by his first introduction to Manhattan as he drove through the Midtown Tunnel, struck by the breathtaking skyscape of city lights and the sounds of urban life. It was a vast contrast to the dark silent nights of the Jemez Mountains of New Mexico that he'd left behind just days before.

This moment marked the start of this small-town boy's romance with the Big Apple, and a bright new chapter of his life, when he felt like he was really ready to DO something.

Live at Geza's CD release party at Aztec Brewery 


When I first came to this city                I looked up in the sky

​Saw what I was dreamin’ of                  Those big city lights

Yeah they shine so bright

And when I first met you                

I looked into your eyes

Saw what I was dreamin’ of

Those big city nights

Yeah, they feel so right

But sometimes you feel like fading away

In a dream lost in the fray

Now where to run

No place to hide

Some things are best kept inside


You’re just another person

Working at a job

Leading to another one

That’s going to take you to the top

It’s hard to climb that rock

But you're such a crazy dreamer

You think it all comes true

Somehow when I'm next to you

I believe it, too

You've got to make the rules

Stolen moments lost in your eyes

See the things you never could hide

You have to laugh

'Cause there's nothing to say

It's not a dream you let slip away


The streets are cold and empty when you walk them all alone

You'd think they'd paved a golden road

Come to take me home

You'll never be alone


Because you know I promised you

A gift so rare and true

You know that I believe in love

And I believe in you

You’re like a shining jewel


Sleepy dreamer it all went away

Another night, I wish you could stay

I get lost in those big city eyes

Big city lights that take up the sky

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Vocals: Geza Keller
Guitars, bass: Jerry McCann
Drum programming: Sven-Erik Seaholm
Saxophone: Clarence Bacharach
Horn arrangements: Sven

Painting: Reta Rickmers