By Geza Keller

Geza wrote this song in the mid-1990s, as a tribute to another college friend from New Mexico Tech, Tim Franklin, who died prematurely at a young age, apparently from natural causes.

"Everyone looked up to him," Geza recalled. "He died so young."

BTC played this song at shows in its original version, which was a country song. Today it has become a ballad.


Don’t you think I was surprised

When I heard the news today

About an old friend

I’d lost along the way

I remember how we all looked up

To him and what he meant

I heard he died lonely

I know he’s heaven sent


Can’t be sorry for

What you’ve been through

It’s all been said and done

I don’t think that I could ever change And I don’t think that’s wrong

If you wonder what it’s all about

Look inside and beyond

All I know it’s just another day

I’ve learned to carry on

I remember feeling crazy

Headed back there again

Back to that place where it all began

I was hanging with some old friends And having a few beers

Talking about those dreams

We’ve been chasing all these years


I couldn’t help but feeling nervous Headed back home again

Back to this life

I hope it never ends

And now I’m getting older

And a little further down the road

I’ll never forget that feeling

Of that warm desert wind

Vocals: Geza Keller
Guitars, bass: Jerry McCann
Keyboard: Sven-Erik Seaholm 
Drum programming: Sven

Painting: Reta Rickmers

Video production is underway. Stay tuned! 

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